Mike Johnson, sempai

To all our Budoka:

as most or possibly all of you have heard by now, Mike Johnson was killed in the line of duty as a San Jose Police Officer, Tuesday evening, March 24th. He was known to all of you a Johnson sempai, or just Sempai. Though he has been on sabbatical leave, he had the opportunity to teach many of you still training today, from the children’s class, to the Teenager’s class, through the adults’ class.

Mike started with PJJA at the age of 17. He was a tall, thin and wobbly teenager. He had started with two other high school friends. A few years later he left stronger and more confident, but returned after 4-5 years, having graduated from the SJPD as a Police Officer. He trained with dedication and an attendance record (and punctuality) that is likely to be THE best to date. In 2008, after many years of training and after passing a typically gruesome black belt exam spanning over more than a week, he earned his Shodan (First Degree rank) Black Belt. That day he became a Sempai, and he went on to teach various weekly classes as well as joining the Black Belt class.

Johnson sempai, Mike, will be remembered by all of us in our own special way. For me, I know all too well the passion he had for teaching, Bokkendo and restraining techniques, which he loved learning as he knew would be invaluable during law enforcement arrests. But, on our annual Black Belt retreats, when the Instructor Team headed to a cabin in the mountains for a 2-3 day weekend, he brought two special qualities: his unusually long arms at our traditional UNO game that we played from after a nice dinner until 3:00 am, and an absolutely delicious cheesecake that he learned to make from his grandmother (and he kept that recipe a secret as if it were CIA Intelligence Data). He protected our community and he gave his time to teach kids and adults what he loved.

Sempai will be missed, he was one of few to reach his level among us. I wish to extend on behalf of us all at PJJA the deepest condolences to his family; may he rest in peace and enjoy practicing in Judo Heaven along with all those who went before us, who also loved and taught THE arts.

Angelo Caruana

MJ& Sensei after his Blk Blt ceremony

Knife Defense Seminar (May 12, 2012)

May 12th 2012 / 9:30am – 1:00pm



(Must be age 13 and up to attend)

Schedule & Description

09:30 – 10:00: Proper stabbing & Slashing with a knife

10:00 – 11:00: Practical Self-Defense against various knife attacks. Includes: Strikes & Kicks, Joint-Locks, Throws & Take-downs as follow up to a variety of knife attacks

11:00 – 11:30: Lunch Break – Snacks & Juices are included

11:30 – 01:00: Combative scenarios with both participants holding a knife. This will give you the ability to use your own knife properly against an attacker with a knife. This session may also be used to review material from 10:00-11:00

PJJA believes that training must be as close to “real” as possible to be effective if/when needed in a real situation. We will be using aluminum blunt/dull knives and may also use wooden knives. The idea is for the knife to look and feel real but not be of any danger.

Non-student participants will be taught pretty much the same way and the same techniques as enrolled students with the exception of techniques where throws will be eliminated or modified for safety and ease of application.

Early Registration by Wed May 9th: $25 PJJA

Late Registration or Walk-ins: $35 PJJA (no exceptions)

2 or more immediate family members receive a $10 total discount

Early Registration includes 1 FREE 60-minute refresher session on a Wed night class 2-3 weeks after seminar


2012 Judo Competition Schedule

Jan 28 – San Jose
Mar 25 – Cupertino
April 29 – Alameda
May 06 – San Francisco
May 27 – Watsonville
Jun 10 – Santa Clara

Dec 2011 Promotion ceremony

Pacific Judo & Ju Jitsu Academy is proud to hold its semi-annual Promotion Ceremony

Saturday December 10 @ 10:00am

Following our formal bowing in we will have a short warm up session followed by:

* Ju Jitsu demonstrations
* Judo competition matches
* A demonstration of Bokendo
* Promotions Ceremony
* Judo Team Awards
* Traditional promotion congratulatory throwing
* Photo session and free mat time

These budoka will be promoted to their next rank

…for some*, contingent upon passing rank examination next week

Student – Ju Jitsu Level

Beau Lautenslager *- Brown (sankyu)
Anthony Garza – Blue (yonkyu)
Caiden Wilson – Green (gokyu)
Mao Obuchi – Green (gokyu)

Landon McCarthur – Yellow
Trevor Wilson – White/Yellow
Garrett Davies – White/Yellow
Owen Davies – White/Yellow
Sara Wille – White/Yellow
Alex Wille – White/Yellow
Ryan Tran – White/Yellow
Andrew Tran – White/Yellow

Following the promotions all the instructors will be taking the Judo team to lunch at:

Emperor Norton (Santa Teresa & Bernal near Nob Hill)

If you are interested in joining us, and the more the better, see either Yoshimune sempai or Nguyen sempai as soon as possible so we can provide a head-count for the restaurant. If you join us, please contribute $10 per person for pizza and soft drinks.

PJJA Judo Teams (most recent)

Spring 2012
Coaches: David Nguyen
Competitors: Ryan Collins – Sean Christensen – Anthony Garza

     Team averaged 90% trophy wins (1st, 2nd, 3rd placement)

Fall 2011
Coaches: Paul Yoshimune: David Nguyen
Competitors: Mark Sugui – Ryan Collins – Sean Christensen – Anthony Garza   photo1   photo2   photo3

     Team averaged 92% trophy wins (1st, 2nd, 3rd placement)

Spring 2011
Coach: David Nguyen
Competitors: Mark Sugui – Mike Dao – Sean Christensen – Ryan Collins

      Team averaged 82% trophy wins (1st, 2nd, 3rd placement)

Fall 2010
Coach: David Nguyen
Competitors: Joey Caruana – Mark Sugui – Mike Dao – Sean Christensen – Beau Lautenslager – Ryan Collins

     Team averaged 89% trophy wins (1st, 2nd, 3rd placement)

Fall 2009 Spring 2010
Coach: David Nguyen
Competitors: Michael Peterson – Joey Caruana – Mark Sugui – Sean Christensen – Mike Dao –  Jared Sewell – Beau Lautenslager – Fred Maruyama – Rob Chan – Tristan Ma Jeremy Dihn – Brandon Tran – Shashank Rajani – Caleb Wu – Ray Carroll

     Team averaged 84% trophy wins (1st, 2nd, 3rd placement)


Links and Books


The Classical Martial Arts Resource

Essay on the Martial Arts




US Judo Federation

Int’l Judo Federation

European Judo Federation

Italian Judo Federation

French Judo Federation

Puerto Rico Judo Federation

Vietnam Judo Federation



… some of Sensei’s personal recommendations. See Member section for more…

KODO – Ancient Ways by Kensho Furuya

Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano

Bushido – The Warrior’s Code by by Inazo Nitobe

A Dictionary of the Martial Arts by Louis Frederic

Miyamoto Musashi – His Life and Writings by Kenji Tokitsu & Sherab Chodzin Kohn

Mysterious Wall Holes

The ancient mystery behind the 2″-3″ holes, or even the 12″ hole, in the kamiza wall has been solved. It appears that neither extra-terrestrial aliens nor night-time gnomes practicing judo were to blame. Rather they have been caused by accidental high-speed meetings of various body parts with the wall.  Sensei thought that IF it would not encourage anyone from leaving his/her mark on the wall, he might not repair the holes and have the “culprit” initial his/her name next to them and refer to them as dojo “art”. Probably not a good idea! Fortunately, no one has been hurt at all from such “accidents”, a testament to our training and how durable it has made all of you.



PJJA will attempt to offer 4 seminars/clinics a year. Exact dates and times will be announced on this blog and on the bulletin board at the dojo once determined. See dojo bulletin board for details on seminar material.

Feel free to request a seminar or clinic but first, be sure you gather at least 6 people and bring to Sensei’s attention that the group would like to schedule such an event.

As of Feb 2012 we have 3 seminars on the horizon: late March – KNIVES, late April BATONS, late May TBD(?)

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